After each project, third-party research firm Client Insight interviews our customers to give us an honest assessment of how we did. We use this objective feedback to gain insight into how we can improve; you can see our performance results on the Client Insight web site.

"I valued Cabinet Solutions Sales Person's involvement, it was really key. She could explain what would work and what would not - that really made sense to us. She gave us options and we could then choose what we wanted. Her input was really valuable."

Martin B.

"I would definitely recommend Cabinet Solutions as I really like the idea that you could go in, talk to a Designer and have them refine your design. The quality of the cabinets was good and I liked the drawer slides and soft closing aspect."


"I was impressed with how accommodating the staff at Cabinet Solutions were and we got an expensive looking kitchen at a reasonable price."

Tina M.

"The Design experience was awesome with Cabinet Solutions. When we ended up having problems, they were kind enough to help us out."

James C.

"With Cabinet Solution's Designer, everything went smoother than we expected. I guess when I deal with any company I look for a relationship, for someone I can talk to if issues arise. It seemed that with Cabinet Solutions if we would have had any issues we could have dealt with their Designer and got things resolved."

Kent R.

"It was their willingness to go the extra mile. We matched 3 different sets of cabinets and their Designer was willing to help us do it."

Earl R.

"Our experience was good with Cabinet Solutions. We went in and they did a good design. The price was fair, the service was good and the cabinets arrived on time."

Doug K.

"I just liked the modeling program that Cabinet Solutions had. It helped me visualize what we would get. The experience was also good - their Designer was positive and easy to work with. I could phone or email back and forth with no issues. There was no point where I was frustrated or confused."

Lowell S.

"We liked Cabinet Solution's Designer and he was very personable We love the Design and there was no pressure to make a purchase."

Clifford M.

"I was quite impressed with the process for cabinet pickup. There is no way of making a mistake - Cabinet Solutions has a good system."

Ronald M.

"I would recommend Cabinet Solutions because they do what they commit to. They are also knowledgeable and I didn't feel pressured to make a purchase. It was a good experience."

Scott M.

"I couldn't have done the design without Cabinet Solutions. We gave their Designer the measurements of our walls and he was able to put our design together. Their design service is a great and it was included in the cabinet price."

Roberta M.

"We are 100% satisfied with Cabinet Solutions. I was quite impressed with the selection, the quality and the price. Even their front desk people were good."

Charlie B.

"I ended up with what I needed without any hassle or heartache. Too often the experience with Suppliers or Contractors is that you end up with something different than what you ordered or expected. I got exactly what I expected and Cabinet Solutions was completely transparent."

Mark K.

"Cabinet Solutions are doing a fantastic job and their people are knowledgeable. They are good people and the product is great."

Gary P.

"Cabinet Solutions has good customer service right across the board and that is really rare these days. I appreciate it."

Derek K.

"Cabinet Solutions had the product and price point we were looking for. It helped that their Designer provided service and ideas. They had more selection than we expected."

Chris C.

"Cabinet Solution's Designer was really good to work with, he knew his stuff and made good suggestions. It was all good."

Christian B.