Design Tips from Our Cabinet Experts

Roll-out shelves are significantly more convenient than fixed shelves, but nothing compares with drawers for easy access and efficiency.

Consider the rooms or open spaces adjacent to the kitchen so that the final design solution is well integrated, especially if the original layout will be changed significantly.

Use proper lighting: it can greatly decrease your chance of injury while preparing a meal.

Make a top 10 list: look around your kitchen and/or bathroom and decide what needs to be replaced the most and what can be worked on down the road.

Your food storage/refrigeration, food preparation and clean-up areas should be arranged to form a "work triangle" with 4 to 9 feet of space between them.

Before getting started with your renovation project, put your goals and objectives in writing. This will benefit you and any contractors that you choose to work with.

To increase storage in a small kitchen, install high pantry cabinets and add pullout shelves, rotating inserts and tilt-out bins to increase accessibility and storage.

When planning out a kitchen or bath remodel, try to have all your materials selected before the first hammer swings.